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SkyLimit – Mallorca Photography Advertising

Using the latest developments in drones, photography and video technology we are able to offer the highest image quality to our customers. With 4K video quality and using the most stable and precise drones, we have extraordinary results in video and photography: buildings, construction projects, properties, companies, landscaping, sports events, real estate, celebrations and cartography works.

Sky limit has extensive experience and the latest equipment, to create ground video and photography. Being able to to combine amazing aerial images and creative ground level images into the same video.


We transform your thoughts in spectacular images.
Photography is not only looking, it’s feeling, if you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.

Creative photography and video with drone

SkyLimit - Mallorca Photography Video

SkyLimit Photography offers a wide variety of photography services including: buildings, construction projects, properties, companies, landscaping, sports events, real estate, celebrations and cartography works. Read More…


We are an end-to-end creative video production company; working with passion to develop an initial concept, through storyboarding, filming, editing and post-production to delivery.
Increase your sales, educate your team, motivate your staff and sell your product with video. Read More…


We produce beautiful, effective commercial productions across a wide range of industry sectors and brands for television or web video distribution. We work closely with our clients to understand their message objectives to create the best concept with the highest production values.
We have the experience to know what photos work best on websites and marketing materials. Read More…


The exceptional maneuverability and close-range capabilities of our drones enable us to capture the breath-taking aerial photographs and videos. Our modern and powerful drones enable us to fly above, through and around natural formations, buildings, or moving subjects at varying speeds and altitudes to provide stirring and epic sequences that are hard to capture any other way. We also shoot traditional video on the ground to provide the full perspective. Read More…

Cable Cam

CableCam sistem is designed to provide aerial imagery where it could not be done otherwise for safety and technical reasons. We use the CableCam in any situation where we can’t use our drones, situations like night shoots, aover crowds of people, indoor and outdoor in extream conditions. With the CableCam we record images from heights and in movement with grate quality. Read More…


Our creativity is one of our best weapon, we make people to feeal our photographys and videos, not just to see it. We combine creativity with the latest technology and the result is always the same: we convey emotions and the message what the customer whants to send throught sharp content and hight quality images.

We always work closely with you, the client, to ensure that your vision becomes reality. Read More…

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